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DuPont at K 19

This showstopper of an exhibition stand for was built for the K 2019 trade fair in Düsseldorf to showcase the company’s custom solutions.

After a year of design and preparation with designer Tess Stanford, the stand came together in just a few weeks. DuPont wanted to engage visitors with something that you don’t see every day, so as technical partners of the Renault F1 team they had the perfect feature.

Now, getting an F1 car on to even the smallest platform is not a simple task and our team built a bespoke drawbridge to manoeuvre the car safely into place!

This unique design had it all:

✓ Double height

✓ 3 upstairs meeting rooms

✓ Multi-media displays

✓ Hospitality area with bar & kitchen

✓ An F1 car!